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Resident Permit Information

Resident parking permits are now e-Permits, there is no need to display a physical permit. A benefit of moving to an e-Permit is that you are able to start parking your vehicle straight away. Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to identify which vehicle is covered to park by the vehicle registration number.

You need to prove your eligibility before you purchase a parking permit. Your application may be approved by our automatic checks. If this is not possible, you will be asked to upload documents in support of your application.

In order for the application to be completed you will need to provide one the following:

  • A copy of a signed and dated formal tenancy agreement or lease agreement for where you live

  • A copy of your mortgage completion letter

  • A copy of a solicitor’s letter confirming purchase of the property

If you do not have the above you will need to provide two of the following dated within the last 3 months:

  • Gas, water, electricity, telephone (landline) or council tax document

  • Housing, child, pension or income support benefit book

  • Driving license (3 month date restriction doesn't apply)

In addition to the above you will also need to provide proof of vehicle ownership/usage:

  • Vehicle registration document (V5) showing your name and application address

  • Hire or lease agreement in your name and application address

  • Current certificate or schedule of insurance this must show the vehicle registration number, it must also clearly state the same address the permit application is made under and you as a named driver. The vehicle must not hold a valid Resident Parking e-Permit at any other address

  • A copy of a sales invoice from a dealership showing the vehicle registration number and your name and application address

  • If the vehicle you use is registered to your employer you will need to provide a business/company headed letter from your place of employment, stating your name, application address and vehicle registration

Please be aware that the prices shown are for the 1st permit at your address. The 2nd permit will cost an additional £50.00 for a 12 month permit and £25.00 for a 6 month permit. The 3rd and any subsequent permits will cost an additional £100.00 for a 12 month permit and £50.00 for a 6 month permit.

Please also be aware that if any of the vehicles you register are a diesel, a surcharge of £75 for 6 months or £150 for 12 months will apply. This surcharge is applicable if any diesel vehicle is registered irrespective of the duration the vehicle is used for.

Resident Permit Costs
Parking Locations6 Months12 Months
2F (27800)£60.00£120.00
3E (27801)£60.00£120.00
3F (27802)£60.00£120.00
4F (27803)£60.00£120.00
5F (W5) (27804)£60.00£120.00
A1 (5F) (27805)£55.00£110.00
CW (27806)£55.00£110.00
CW1 (27807)£55.00£110.00
CW2 (27808)£55.00£110.00
CW3 (27809)£40.00£80.00
CW4 (27810)£55.00£110.00
CW5 (27811)£65.00£130.00
GC (27812)£40.00£80.00
GC1 (27813)£40.00£80.00
GC2 (27814)£40.00£80.00
H1 (27815)£55.00£110.00
H2 (27816)£55.00£110.00
M1 (27817)£55.00£110.00
M2 (27818)£55.00£110.00
M3 (27819)£55.00£110.00
MP1 (27820)£55.00£110.00
MP2 (27821)£55.00£110.00
MP3 (27822)£55.00£110.00
MT (27823)£35.00£70.00
MTC (27824)£45.00£90.00
MTC1 (27825)£32.50£65.00
MTC2 (27826)£32.50£65.00
P1 (27827)£55.00£110.00
P2 (27828)£55.00£110.00
P2s (27829)£55.00£110.00
P3 (27830)£60.00£120.00
RP (27831)£55.00£110.00
RPC (27832)£50.00£100.00
RPC1 (27833)£50.00£100.00
RPE (27834)£55.00£110.00
RPN (27835)£55.00£110.00
RPS (27836)£55.00£110.00
RPW (27837)£50.00£100.00
S1 (27838)£55.00£110.00
S2 (27839)£55.00£110.00
S3 (27840)£55.00£110.00
SW (27841)£55.00£110.00
SW1 (27842)£55.00£110.00
VCVOS (VN VON) (27843)£60.00£120.00
VN (27844)£55.00£110.00
VNe (27845)£55.00£110.00
VNs (27846)£55.00£110.00
VOn (27847)£60.00£120.00
VOs (27848)£60.00£120.00
VOt (27849)£60.00£120.00
VQ (27850)£50.00£100.00
VSW (27851)£55.00£110.00
VSW1 (27852)£50.00£100.00
VSW2 (27853)£55.00£110.00
W1 (27854)£60.00£120.00
W2 (27855)£60.00£120.00
W3 (27856)£75.00£150.00
W4 (27857)£75.00£150.00
W5 (5F) (27858)£60.00£120.00
W6 (27859)£60.00£120.00
W7 (27860)£60.00£120.00
WB1 (27861)£45.00£90.00
WB2 (27862)£40.00£80.00
MP4 (27868)£55.00£110.00
CH (27869)£50.00£100.00
RPW Extension (27870)£50.00£100.00
GC3 (27874)£32.50£65.00
VCVOS (27880)£60.00£120.00
VNVON (27881)£55.00£110.00